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Sree Ramakrishna Bhajana Sabha will be stepping into its 71st year of service in Feb-Mar 2022 and in accordance with our Vedic traditions, we are planning to celebrate this as SAPTHATHI Mahotsavam of our Sabha in a grand and fitting manner.

Significance of Athirudram


The Vedas are supreme among the various forms of knowledge. Our ancient saints have propagated veda mantras for various rituals and ceremonies for conferring spiritual as well as material benefits.They considered the word "Shiva" as the jeevarathna or the jewel of life. Various mantras are used for worship of Shiva and the one mantra with high potency and power is the " Sri Rudram" of Taitriya samhitha of Krishna Yajurveda.


The Samhitha of Sri Krishna Yajurveda consists of seven cantos containing 44 chapters or prashnas. In the middle of the 4th canto of this samhitha is Sri Rudram in the fifth prashna or chapter divided into 11 anuvakas or paragraphs. It is a prayer to Lord Shiva praising His various attributes and qualities.The importance of SriRudram is that it occurs in the middle of Taitriya Samhitha and in the central portion of Sri Rudram is the panchakshara mantra. It is recited not only for one's own purification but for the welfare of the humanity as a whole.

Traditionally the 7th chapter of the 4th canto of Taitriya samhitha known as the Chamaka Prasna is also recited along with Sri Rudram in which there is a prayer for seeking material and spiritual needs.Constant repetition of Sri Rudra mantras in the prescribed manner is Japa Yagna combined with Nyasa, abhisheka, archana and homa.

Srirudra Japam is normally done after an elaborate Mahanyasam. After chanting of Sri Rudram once, one anuvaka of Chamaka Prasnam is chanted . Thus when  Sri Rudra is chanted 11 times  , chamaka prasna is completed once and abhisheka using 11 dravyas also performed to a Shivalinga. The significance is that 11 forms of Lord Shiva Viz. Mahadeva, Siva, Rudra , Sankara, Neelalohitha, Eashana, Vijaya, Bhima, Devadeva, Bhavodbhava, and Adithyathmaka Rudra are invoked in eleven Kalashas filled with holy water from various rivers across the country when 11 Vedic scholars chant Sri Rudram eleven times each according to the above procedure with chamakam once.

In Athirudra Mahayagna 121 Vedic scholars will do this procedure for 11 days in all 14641 times Sri Rudra Japa yagnam is done.. The prescribed count of homam is also performed using the same mantra. The homa concludes with Vasordhara- offering ghee into the homa fire  in one unbroked thread like stream chanting chamaka prasna,Abhishekam is done to the Lord with the sanctfied water from the  121 Kalasams and also sprinkled on all the devotees present.

Nearly 160 very learned vedic scholars from across the country will be participating in the Mantra Japa Yagna. Chathurveda Parayana on all the eleven days besides  various cultural and religious programme in the evenings will be the schedule. The performance of the Mahayagna leads to the cleansing of the mind as a preparatory to the acquisition of Brahma Vidya, expiates sins, removes obstacles to progress and prosperity and is a cure to many diseases.

A mahayagna of this magnitude cannot be performed without the support of philanthropic public. You have been supporting us in the past and we are sure that you will do so in future.


We request each one of you to participate and support us in this noble event. Interested devotees can enroll for volunteering by giving your details below or contact any of our members as given in the Contacts page

Thanks for submitting!

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