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Sree Ramakrishna Bhajana Sabha was established in the year 1951 in Bangalore. The Sabha was formed with an intent to propagate Satsang and create a spiritual awareness among the people across all sections of the society. The vision of the Sabha is to bring upliftment to the spiritual life of the common man.

In the year 2002, the Sabha was formally registered as "Sree Ramakrishna Bhajana Sabha Trust" with Sub-Registrar, Bangalore. The aim was to expand the activities by adding several social services like providing support to underprivileged organizations through education / medical assistance, providing food to needy people & promoting Sanskrit and Kannada languages.

The Sabha has been able to conduct these services with the help and support from devotees, philanthropists & the general public.


From the year the organization was formed, every week on Saturday, the Sabha has been privileged to conduct Satsang till date without any break with the grace of Almighty.  The Sabha also conducts Satsang at various places as and when requested. The specialty of the Sabha is the performance of "Abhinayam with Vesham" where the members dressed up as divine characters (as prescribed in Indian Mythology) enact the songs being sung during the Satsang. People of all ages participate actively in this special program. This visual treat creates a powerful impact in the minds of devotees.

The Annual celebration by the Sabha is "Mahashivarathri". It is a 16 days programme which includes Recital of Maharudram (Sanskrit Verses of Sri Rudram for 1331 times) and Mahamruthyanjayam (Verses for good health) and other cultural events with the vision of peace and prosperity for all.


The Sabha is actively involved in the noblest Seva to mankind - Annadanam. Providing meals to the needy has been a highlight of the Sabha activities in the recent past. Members and volunteers visit various underprivileged homes, old age homes and serve the inmates. During Mahasivarathri festival, daily Annadanam is conducted.

Cultural & Devotional Activities

In the years 1976 & 2001, the Sabha had celebrated Silver & Golden Jubilee respectively. The festivities included the promotion of various Indian cultural arts (Music, Dance, etc). Various concerts were conducted by inviting eminent artists from all over India. The tradition is continued now as part of the Mahasivarathri celebrations (Kalotsav). Carnatic music concerts, spiritual discourses & divine music renditions are conducted as part of the 2-week celebration. Young talents are also given an opportunity to showcase their talent in different art forms.

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